a walk through the dreamlands

"The lights are grey, the strong now fray,

The cities marred, the corpses charred,

Performance in cooperation with Kollektiv Kollinski sozial, Duet for actress and personal assistant
Interactive Documentary Environment, online performance in coopartion with ARGEkultur Salzburg and Bangkok International Performance Arts Meeting (BIPAM).
Transdisciplinary research project between Artistic Research and Cultural Studies on the participatory use of digital technologies in public space and cultural participation through games.

"Find myself through Mozart" is an artistic-visual and scientific project.

The gold extra media machinarium is an online slot machine with projects from gold extra
Bomber Looks Down is an anti-war game by Evgeni Puzankov and gold extra in the 5th Commandment series developed and curated by Georg Hobmeier

A gold extra podcast about game design, innovative theatre, digital storytelling and new forms of narration.