AI & Creation

  • KI & Kreation - Künstlerische Forschung

The "AI & Creation" project is dedicated to researching and artistically exploring artificial intelligence. The focus here is not only on the playful use of AI technologies, but also on the exploration of AI in real-time experiences during live performances. The project always pays critical attention to the phenomenon of AI and its embedding in society. Experiments and creative approaches are used to explore new possibilities and at the same time shed light on the effects and challenges of this technology.

The "AI & Creation" project is an interdisciplinary endeavor that brings together artists, science, technologists and the general public to shape the future of creativity in an AI-driven world. Through workshops, installations, discussions and performances, the project offers a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences and promotes a deeper understanding of the role of AI in creative and social development.

Overall, "AI & Creation" aims to raise awareness of the potentials and challenges of AI and to contribute to the development of an ethically responsible and creatively enriching integration of AI into society. By promoting critical dialog and creative experimentation, the project aims to help actively shape the future of creativity in an increasingly technology-driven world.

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