The "AI & Creation" project is dedicated to researching and artistically exploring artificial intelligence.

The audio installation "Do Scots Dream of Robotic Bagpipes" explores the complex relationship between technology and tradition through the use of early machine learning methods that have also become part of a tradition.
Briefs is a micro game publishing series curated by Georg Hobmeier and Evgeni Puzakov. Submit your ideas now!

ChatGT, initiated by Tobias Hammerle, creates a bridge between artificial intelligence and literary art, inspired by the melancholic works of Georg

gold extra presents a new crime thriller performance for an AI and players
a walk through the dreamlands

"The lights are grey, the strong now fray,

The cities marred, the corpses charred,

Performance in cooperation with Kollektiv Kollinski sozial, Duet for actress and personal assistant
Interactive Documentary Environment, online performance in coopartion with ARGEkultur Salzburg and Bangkok International Performance Arts Meeting (BIPAM).
Transdisciplinary research project between Artistic Research and Cultural Studies on the participatory use of digital technologies in public space and cultural participation through games.