A gold extra podcast about game design, innovative theatre, digital storytelling and new forms of narration.

Interactive Documentary Environment

BRIEFS is an annual series of microgames and this is its first, inaugural pack!

Duck Date is an absurd tragicomedy about one of the worst dates you can have with a duck. You play an abysmal human being from England.

Storycase is a prototype for an AR project that artistically explores the narrative possibilities of AR and multiple objects.
theaterachse and gold extra are cooperating in the creation of a hybrid, media performance on the subject of climate change
On March 22 and 23 a Game Day and the conference "Media projects with children and young people between art, education and participation" will take place.
Installation Sense by Reinhold Bidner und Karl Zechenter at Museum Fronfeste

Frozen Carnage is a fever dream about the terror of war.