99 Ways to die in Scotland

  • 99 Ways to die in Scotland
  • 99 Ways to die in Scotland
  • 99 Ways to die in Scotland
  • 99 Ways to die in Scotland
  • 99 Ways to die in Scotland

Literature and Photography Project

first lecture/exhibition: 19 December 2012, at Plan B Salzburg
presentation of the extended project: gold extra Open Studio / 18. April 2013

Following the all too mortal fascination with death and decay, the Austrian artists Georg Hobmeier and Reinhold Bidner leave their basements and travel to their own past lifes in Scotland. Equipped with pen, paper and 3D camera they revisit the grimest corners these high and low lands have to offer.

Why Scotland?
The idea to embark on this journey towards the north of the british isles to document death and destruction in the dark corners of western civilisation was born like any other great idea: While being drunk. On a wonderful prexmas eve the heroes of this undertaking sat in a little bar in Salzburg, doing what lads do on such on occasions: getting wasted on local lager and remembering the great old days. Both shared beautiful memories with Scotland: Reinhold Bidner studied in Dundee, decided to spend xmas eve there and in return the natives smashed his bicycle into utter metal pulp. Only industrial robots and scottish NEDs can do such damage to welded metal structures. Georg Hobmeier taught at the Royal Academy in Glasgow, got lost during the premiere of his performance and woke up 10 days later in a haze of pain, vomit and memories that would lead to legal consequences if one would post them here. Both decided, that such great memories cannot just sit by themselves and they have to be dealt with using wits, arts and most of all funding. And so they start their journey back to the land, where rain is an everyday guest, where summers are cold, winters mild and fall and autumn are what the Scots like to call "shite". 

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