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As part of the project urban reSearch, Reinhold Bidner explores the city in a documentary way and embarks on his personal search for details in urban space. Originally, Istanbul and Warsaw were planned for 2020, due to the Corona Virus, but no less exciting, on the one hand the focus is now on certain locations in Salzburg that deal with growing up in Salzburg. On the other hand, Vienna and its countless absurdities should now play a role in the context of urban searching, strolling and documenting.


Massked from Reinhold Bidner on Vimeo.

The research could 1) lay the foundation for a book with photographic Vienna- or Salzburg- everyday observations. 2) As part of this urban exploration, a treatment and storyboard for another animated experiment should be developed: the old and morbid-looking scenarios of Vienna will be linked with new technological possibilities, thus exploring new approaches to documentation, for example with the help of augmented reality.




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