Reinhold´s experimental Animation "In Trance it" is going to be shown at the fol

Reinhold will represent gold extra at the Animafest Zagreb.

The first prototype of the game Killing Fields will be presented at the game conference Reboot Develop Blue in Dubrovnik.

Lecture: gold extra - Exploring documentary storytelling in new media

Reinhold's  current animated film "In Trance it" celebrates its world premiere on February 23rd 2

Fun with Hate! That's the slogan of ARGEkultur's MotzART festival. gold extra is presenting their interactive media installation TOOLS OF SUBVERSION. Have fun with manipulating hate websites!

Our Installation against Hate Speech will be presented at Open Media Award in ARS Electronica Cen

In der Veranstaltung stellen drei Künstlerinnen innovative Projekte vor, in denen sie mit Kindern und Jugendlichen künstlerisch forschen.
How can a birth place become a place of commemoration?

As part of the conference "In Wirklichkeit Animation - 4.

On Monday, November 26th at 7 pm, a discussion panel with gold extra participation takes place in

The Augmented Reality Game Projekt "Vienna - All Tomorrows" (Concept and Artistic Direction: Geor

Talk and Discussion at "START: Kultur digital vermitteln", Salzburger Unkonferenz zur Kulturvermittlung

Reinhold´s animated experiments are going to be shown at the following Events in

Georg Hobmeier kuratiert als eines von drei Interventionen ein Game Lab im Rahmen der Veranstaltung "Popup Stories" beim Festival "Aufstand der Geschichten", Chemnitz
Game and documentation? Georg Hobmeier speaks about actual experiences, Sziget in Hungary, Chemnitz and fabolous game Path Out.

The think tank "Let's get lost", consistent of musicians, architects, artists, city planners and

Reinhold Bidner´s experimental animated film "Ex Terrat" received a jury special mention at StopT

Games about Migration: Georg Hobmeier presents his talk "Pressed Escape" during the Central &

Where is the foreign in the familiar? Can your hometown transform into a foreign planet?


Reinhold Bidner's "Litfass-Eule", which was selected as part of the "Art Advertising Pillar" comp

Georg Hobmeier and Abdullah Karam curate an exhibition of games at the Sziget festival!

The results of our workshop "Civil Courage" (in collaboration with Museum Fronfeste and Studio We

This week Georg Hobmeier und Reinhold Bidner finalise their work on the Augmented Reality Projekt

Tools of Subversion, the Game-Installation against Hate Speech is exhibited at re:publica Berlin

Reinhold Bidner´s project "The Why Cycle" is going to be shown at Crossing Europe Festival Linz o

We published an article about our games Frontiers and From Darkness in the publication "ent/grenzen".

Tools of Subversion was chosen for an award at the community event by "Das Nettz", a platform and

Sonja Prlic is hosting the workshop "Feed the troll and let ist explode. How media art can react to hate speech" at Schwerpunkt "Wissenschaft und Kunst" within the scope of "Intervene in visible and invisible orders".

Reinhold Bidner will have a talk on March 21st 2018 for the Mobility Builders Vienna (at Museumsq

How can media art and computer games react on hate commentaries and hate campaigns? In this talk Sonja Prlić and Karl Zechenter give insight in debates on hate speech and how they deal with these questions.

Reinhold Bidner´s animated films can be seen this week at the following Film- and Animation-Festi

Totem´s Sound, which was created for Ethnologic Museum Berlin in 2014, will be part of the event



Round Table –  Citizen Science in the context of critical art and cultural transmission w

Flight and Game

Flight and Games

A december's morning. A bus.

From Darkness is presented at Art Game Demos in Lyon, a soirée dedicated to artistic gam

In the last years performance has taken a great influence from digital forms of story telling suc

From Darkness is presented at the festival This Human World. We give a lecture on the making of the game and social impact in the gaming scene on December 1.

On December 1 2017 Sonja Prlic pitched our projcet "Tools of Subversion" at the community event b

Can applications, games and VR act as interpretors of real life experience and create awareness f

Thanks for the invitation to talk at the Goethe Institutes Lima, Peru.

gold extra's open studio this time focuses on hate speech in the internet and poses the question

More than Bytes. A discussion panel about cultural and digital education in schools.

Tobias talks Institut Altazor (Tijuana, Mexico) about media art and current gold extra production

OPEN STUDIO, Oct., 16th, 19:00h gold extra Studio, Künstlerhaus

We present our game The Fallen at the Poznan Game Arena (Poland).

06.-08.10. 2017

From Oct 3rd til 8th Reinhold will be present at the International Animation Film Festival Anim´e

gold extra presents the games From Darkness and The Fallen

Our gamel From Darkness about refugees in Eastern Africa will be exhibited at

Current Screenings of Reinhold´s Animated Films:

Gold extra goes South Korea! Our interactive documentary FROM DARKNESS and the M

Our game "The Fallen" is exhibited at ReVersed Festival Vienna.

The abstract Animation Film "Until we coleidescape" by Reinhold Bidner is going

A talk with Sonja Prlic, Georg Hobmeier, Abdullah Karam & Eugen Pfister 

Sh-Room 17 is an architectural adaption of Shadows on Lightsexclusively for MSU Zagreb.

Reinhold Bidner presents his experimental short animation film „Until we coleidoscape“ at the  Vi

Models of Artistic Research

Idealism and Cultural Precariat

Nominated in the main category as Most Amazin Game!

The Fallen is presented at the A Maze Festival, one of the premier german festivals for new games

Georg Hobmeier on Art Games at the Quo Vadis Conference

gold extra´s "From Darkness" is coming to London, and will be part of EGX Rezzed´s Leftfield Coll

On March9th 2017 from 6pm on (with Talk/Discussion at 7pm) we present "From Darkness" in the fram

gold extra´s first Open Studio in 2017.

Crossing Over - a text by André Leipold

Talk by Karl Zechenter at the Game Conference Ludicious, Zurich: "Interactive Experiences

On thursday, we will publicly present From Darkness for the first time at ZKM in Karlsruhe.

The Indie Game Website Warp Door has added "From Darkness" to its list of favorite games of 2016!

Reinhold's experimental Animation “Ex Terrat“ is going to be shown today at the international Ani

For her PhD on Frontiers Sonja Prlic is awarded with the Award of Excellence by the Austrian Fede

Reinhold Bidner and Sonja Prlic will present gold extra's art works dealing with migration and es

Georg Hobmeier is holding a talk at AdventureX, London, a gaming conference focusing on narrative

On November 15 2016 gold extra takes part in the Creative Gaming Festival "Play" in Hamburg and c

The experimental Animation "Ex Terrat" by Reinhold Bidner wins at Budapest Short

Reinhold was invited to Ars Electronica Festival´s Expanded Animation Symposium.

In August, on the streetcorner Rainerstraße - Franz Josef Straße in Salzburg, Reinhold´s Work tha

The current Version of "From Darkness" and also our Game "Sole City" were presented at Radius Fes

In this open studio dedicated to writing (visual) artists Doris Prlić and Sonja Prlić will present their web journal: We write, right?

Our Game "Sole City" was presented at the Austrian Games Night 2016 at Museumsquartier Vienna / E

Sonja Prlić gives a talk concerning artistic experiences in documentary computer games based upon

The documentery game SOLE CITY puts yourself in the position of the daily life of a steet trader, who tries to sell shoes in the streets of Tanzania's Capital Daressalaam.
For gold extra´s first Open Studio in 2016 Reinhold Bidner will present some Experiments, that were created last year during his Residency at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris
Confidential documents by the EU Commission, burglaries in India, pplication letters by opera singers from Dubai - how did all of this material reach us? How is it connected? Is it at all connected?
Our computer game is presented at the exhibition "Grenzparcours // Walk the line!" at Mousonturm.
The forum "Art-Activism in Migration Contexts" discussed the relations of art and activism in art projects focusing on the topic of migration.
Side by Side by Fucking Good Art

Sonja Prlic, Karl Zechenter und Tobias Hammerle present several projects by their group "gold ext

gold extra presents the Production-Process of "From Darkness" at 

The fifth article in WeWrite - gold extra's web journal for texts by artists is now online: The Deadpan Projectionist by Achim Lengerer
Lilo Nein (Vienna/The Hague) is visual artist, she works with and on performance and its relation to texts and other media.
A game station and background footage from our research journey will be presented at Kunstraum enter, W&K (Art & Science), Salzburg
From 11/08/2015 to 17/04/2016 our computer games Frontiers and From Darkness can be played at the exhibition GLOBALE: Global Games at Medienmuseum ZKM Karlsruhe.
discussion about multi-disciplinary approaches that interconnect art, politics, society and technologies.
Georg Hobmeier presents Totem's Sound at the Radius Festival, Museumsquartier Wien on July, 10th.
The computer game Frontiers which has been awarded several times, will be presented in an exhibition at MAK Vienna wihin the festival Vienna Biennale beginning today.
Our "Local Crisis Machine" and computer games by gold extra will be presented in the exibition Young Art International: Art vs Design in the Open House Oberwart.
Georg Hobmeier presents the computergame / interactive documentary "FROM DARKNESS" at Hafen 2, Offenbach (GER) in within the Festival "Urban Africa"
Sonja Prlic und Reinhold Bidner research in this Open Studio for images of Salzburg, that trace the Forgotten, Magic, Repressed and Sentimental...
Karl and Sonja would like to welcome you for a salon talk in the gold extra Studio about games in the Arts including assorted drinkable examples
The latest text in our web journal "We Write, Right?" is now online: Confessions of an Overworked Artist by Brandon LaBelle
The new text "On the Process of Becoming Silent and Listening" by Esther Venrooy is now online. Esther Venrooy is artist, composer and professor of contemporary music, sound art and performing arts at Ghent School of Fine Arts.
Double Trouble - The Ambiguous Question
And: what do we do? About the responsibility of artists in situations of conflict and war
gold extra at Multiple Memories - Erinnerungskulturen der Migration
Presentation of the current steps of gold extra's new computer game
Georg Hobmeier talks about the development of the game Totem's Sound.
Import/export in the lives of artists and cultural workers
Bureau du Grand Mot visit us at our studio at Künstlerhaus Salzburg.

We are presenting the current state of development of "From Darkness" at the University of Salzbu

Please vote for us til 1st of Octobre!
Opening of the 3-month exhibition and game presentation at the Ethnological Museum in Berlin. Photos by Sebastian Bolesch.
Presentation of Frontiers at the exhibition "Schwinder der Wirklichkeit" at Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
14.9. 2014, 19.00 - Talk at Schmiede Hallein Human Beings, Animals and other Monsters - Talks, Work in Progress Presentation

"Soon" is the story of a "personalized" version of the legendary fuzzBox BigMuff dealing with var

DOK Niederösterreich/St.Pölten
an event within the frame of: "gold extra visits / zu Gast bei" Discussion of the project Revolting Bodies
Within the frame of Basics Festival gold extra presents „Frankenstein“
gold extra works at the intersections of new technologies, media and socio-political topics.
Karl Zechenter and Sonja Prlic present their work on a new robot-frankenstein-hospital thriller
Researching the possibilities of public physical action in civil unrest and the traditional forms of protest in a 3 day workshop. By Georg Hobmeier with Ioanna Kampylafka and Synes Elischka
Reinhold Bidner presents his latest videos.
23.10.-4.11. 2013: Exhibition of the game Frontiers within the frame of "Die Waffen nieder!" at Mozarteum Salzburg.
Fresh from the production process gold extra makes the first presentation of the prototype level of the new computer game "From Darkness".

July 28, 2013, 7 pm - Vernissage Local Crisis Machine at Schloss Goldegg,

Doris Prlic plays the sound performance "I work as" and presents her artistic research project "Artist and...".
Local Crisis Machine will be presented at the Creativity Rules Festival, organized by FH Salzburg.

Jury Award for their work "Impulse" Reinhold Bidner and Georg Hobmeier (& So

Presentation of Local Crisis Machine within the frame of Open Studio
Presentation of Local Crisis Machine at Aktionsradius Vienna
Lecture by Sonja Prlic at the institute for Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production
Enthüllung Local Crisis Machine
Georg Hobmeier presents Frontiers at IMéRa in Marseille within the frame of "L´Économie De La Frontière / The Border Economy"
with Georg Hobmeier and Reinhold Bidner // Bidner and Hobmeier dedicate this evening completely uncritically to their fascination for Scottish gourmet food,,,,
Auf Einladung von Days of Dialogue von AMREF.
Upcoming video screenings by gold extra artist Reinhold Bidner
Topic: Debuts in the Arts
Reinhold Bidner talks about his artistic (and research) experiences.

On Thursday, January 31, Doris Prlic plays her sound performance "I work as" at W139/Amsterdam.

presentation about Artistic Research
gold extra starts with the first work in progress presentation of the new computer game "From Darkness".
Black Box at BELEF Festival 2011
Theatre for 8 remote controlled Robots.


Here you will find an archive with previous FRONTIERS news / events / etc

gold extra's Georg Hobmeier will present another iteration of his talk on documentary games at th