Game Day and conference schnitt # stellen

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Media projects with children and young people between art, mediation and participation

MARCH 22 and 23 2022

On November 30th and December 1st. A game day and a conference will take place as the final event of the research project schnitt #stellen, which is carried out by gold extra and MediaLab of University Mozarteum Salzburg.

Di, 22.3.2022, 16:00/17:30-20:30: Game Day und discussion, ARGEkultur Salzburg
Mi, 23.3.2022, 9:00-18:00: Conference, Wissenschaft und Kunst Salzburg
Mi, 23.3.2022: 20:00: Premiere Exit Ghost by, ARGEkultur Salzburg

Game Day

Di. March 22, 16:00/17:30-20:30, ARGEkultur Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5

At GAME DAY, mixed reality games, board games and digital games will be presented that were created as part of the multi-award-winning research project schnitt #stellen. The game series Black Day and The Truth Part 2 take you into horror houses, crazy schools and the everyday life of influencers. The artistic research of “schnitt #stellen” is presented around the games. You can expect short inputs on the subject of games, art and mediation - from Fortnite game tips to cell phones at school - and a panel discussion on project work with young people between media, art, education and participation.

16:00-17:00 und 17:30-18:30 – two game slots to choose from

19:00-19:30 – Inputs on the subject of games, art and education

19:30-20:30 – Panel discussion on project work with young people between media, art, education and participation with  Sebastian Linz (ARGEkultur Salzburg), Manuela Naveau (Kunstuniversität Linz), Eberhard Raithelhuber (Bertha von Suttner Privatuniversität St. Pölten), Thomas Schuster (Verein Spektrum), Elke Zobl (Universität Salzburg, Wissenschaft & Kunst)

Free admission, please register here:
Game Day




Mi. March 22, 9:00-18:30 ARGEkultur Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5

The conference on the topic of “Media projects with children and young people between art, education and participation” takes place at the end of the schnitt #stellen research project. The focus lies on interactions and synergy potentials as well as areas of friction between the media-cultural worlds of young people and the field of contemporary media art. After a brief presentation of the project, project leaders with similar priorities are invited to report on their working methods and experiences. The focus is on the exchange of questions that arose in the course of the activities and the joint search for possible answers and further development perspectives.

    9:00-12:00 – Opening, schnitt # stellen-presentation, playful exchange
    13:00-15:45 – Slot 1 ‚Artistic aims‘ and slot 2 ‚educational aims‘
    16:15-18:30 – Slot 3 'Social intentions' and final discussion

Project presentations by Thomas Kupser (JFF Institut für Medienpädagogik München), Setara-Anna Lorenz (Bildungsgrund Wien), Tabea Hörnlein und Sophie Keil (Theater Junge Generation Dresden), Esther Pilkington ( Hamburg), Boris Schuld ((Medienkulturhaus Wels), Matthias Vogel (Kulturagent Hamburg)

Please register here:

The event will also be streamed on the Internet (access data will be published here shortly)

Premiere: Exit Ghost

Following the event, ARGEkultur Salzburg will host the premiere of the participatory series Exit Ghost by Esther Pilkington and, which was filmed in Salzburg.
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A co-event by gold extra, MediaLab, University Mozarteum and ARGEkultur Salzburg

schnitt # stellen is funded by Land Salzburg and City of Salzburg

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