New narrative Approaches in documentary Games

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Talk by Karl Zechenter at the Game Conference Ludicious, Zurich: "Interactive Experiences. Crossing Boundaries For Serious Reasons"

The flight of refugees to Europe, the after-effects of the African world war, colonial history in the U.S., street vendors in Dar es Salaam, frozen conflicts in the Ukraine, these are altogether themes of computer games by the artist group gold extra. The issues are as diverse as the presentation. New content calls for new approaches: How can a documentary perspective be represented in a game? Karl Zechenter delivers insights into the aesthetic and dramaturgic processes behind games Frontiers, Totem's Sound, Sole City, From Darkness and the game demo The Fallen.

The conference is curated by Prof. Ulrich Götz, Maike Thies, Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken.