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Storycase - Everything you wanted to know

The report on the artistic research project is now published



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Between October 2021 and March 2022, gold extra developed the prototype Storycase together with programmers from Causa Creations. In this experimental AR installation we were interested in storytelling with the help of objects. We investigated how a story can emerge from a small number of objects, the combination of different objects and the playful handling of them. The experiment provided important information for our own work, but also for the use of augmented reality in museums, exhibitions and in performative artistic contexts. Together with Causa Creations, we defined a series of questions and tasks and formed them into a coherent game or presentation in workshops, or experimentally in a joint app.

In the final report, we address our own artistic work, framework conditions of media artistic production in Austria, various uses of AR in exhibition and performative contexts, and the experimental app we developed as part of Storycase. Also included in the report are insights into the state of the art, as well as use cases from selected museums and cultural institutions.