Briefs is live!
The long wait is over: BRIEFS is live and available for everyone. 6 games developed by independent game makers explore the idea of the absurd.

The focus of this year's industry meeting DOKVILLE is on investigative long formats and docu-series.

Im Rahmen des Schwerpunkts Lehen Surprise der Sommerszene Salzburg zeigt gold extra am 17. und 18. Juni 2022 die Mixed Reality Games Black Day und The Truth Pt.2

Tonight at 10pm gold extra member Reinhold Bidner will present our A.R.

The Art Wire, a podcast about game design, innovative theatre, digital storytelling and new forms of storytelling, is available now. You can enjoy it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic and Spotify.

The annual focus of MARK Salzburg in 2022 is Life in the Hybrid - between digital and analogue spaces.

Reinholds animated lockdown-experiment Utopia - C will be shown tonight at Best Austrian Animation Festival / Competition Program Nr2.

7pm at Film-Casino Vienna.

For students of California State University, Los Angeles gold extra creates a dedicated online space to discuss art, communication and participation in digital space.

For our project Briefs - a microgame series! an amazing amount of 54 submissions were recieved. We are currently reviewing all of them, winners are going to be announced soon.

Street cinema Graz: Reclaim the streets in Graz on April7th during “Kurzfilmwanderung x Diagonale 2022”: also with an animated "oldie" (but maybe goldie?) from Reinhold Bidner:

As part of the media art festival Digital Spring, we present Storycase, our artistic research on augmen

On March 22 and 23 a Game Day and the conference "Media projects with children and young people between art, education and participation" will take place.

At the Open Lab of V2_La

gold extra will present its augmented reality research project Storycase in Klosterneuburg.
Award ceremony of the Salzburg Cultural Fund, where gold extra was awarded the international main prize for art and culture.

We have just received the first copies of Subtext4 - Reinhold´s Street Photography Research in book form.

A little 2021-Review of what happened to Reinhold´s experimental animated short film "Utopia - C" this year:

gold extra receives funding within the call "Support for Cultural Infrastructure" of the Austrian Ministry of Arts BMKÖS.
On November 30th and December 1st a Game Day and the conference "Media projects with children and young people between art, education and participation" will take place.

International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam 2021!

Installation in the exhibition "Hautkontakt"
After the Prix Ars Electronica AWard, Black Day's Mixed Reality Games also received the Media Literacy Award from the BM for Education, Science and Research
Polish game dev Aleksandra Jarosz speaks about psychology, game development and political computer games