Geschichten-Krampus (The Storied Krampus)

  • Installation Geschichten-Krampus (Part)
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(The Storied Krampus)


The Geschichten-Krampus is based upon interviews with a wide range of people who share their experiences with Krampus' and knowledge of related customs. Some have acted as Krampus themselves, others have hunted the furry monsters and still others - and make that a large part of people - have been hiding from them.

The interviews are brimful with stories, traditions, myths and personal accounts. We are interested in the interviewees personal, ambiguous experience of violence: Is it an event, an oulet for emotions, a scare or a dangerous nuisance?


Interviews and memories

The interviews are the foundation of a sound-installation which assembles clips of the stories in an associative manner. Apart from these experiences the audience can listen to noises and sound immediately reminding them of the Krampus traditions: Bells, calls and the crunching sound of shoes in the snow.

… with a smartphone:

The sound-installation is accessed via smartphone by the museum's audience. A poster on the museum's door depicting a stylized graphic representation of a Krampus is the trigger for the stories: The audience glides along the poster with their smartphone and hears, sounds, noises, stories of the fabled Krampus.

Premiere: Museum Fronfeste, Hauptstrasse 27, A - 5202 Neumarkt am Wallersee
Datum: 27.11.2020


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