Geschichten-Krampus Premiere

  • Installation Geschichten-Krampus (Ausschnitt)


in Museum Fronfeste


On November, 27th, the Storied Krampus (Geschichten-Krampus) comes alive! Enjoy the Krampus experiences, scares and stories of people ranging from the alpine Austrian village Lienz to L.A

Discover these stories with your smartphone while gliding along the fur on the Krampus poster at Museum Fronfeste and be delighted and terrified by sounds, noises and stories from up to 40 years ago.

Opening: 27.11., Museum Fronfeste.

Visit the installation at the Museum Fronfeste, while the opening times of "Kramerei", Thursday 10-12h, Friday and Saturday, 14-17h.

A project by Reinhold Bidner, Tobias Hammerle, Georg Hobmeier, Sonja Prlic, Zsombor Svab and Karl Zechenter.
Curated by Ingrid Weydeman