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Live Game by students of NMS Lehen, gold extra and University Mozarteum MediaLab

Premiere: 19.3.2020, 18:00 ARGEkultur Salzburg

Additional presentation: 20.3.2020, 10:30, ARGEkultur Salzburg

Black Day is a series of three live games, which offer quite a thrill: Follow us to a scary mansion, escape a lunatic school’s malicious traps or star as an influencer in a jungle full of shady products. Let us take you into a world mixing elements of board games, adventures, media art and comics.

Stand By is the motto of this game event - and nobody is safe: Are you spectator or player? Roles change quickly! Players roll the dice for the sake of their lives, voting, taking guesses together with the audience, and challenging each other.

This “Battle Royal” of a different kind was created by students of Neue Mittelschule Lehen in collaboration with media artists Sonja Prlić and Karl Zechenter and Iwan Pasuchin, a researcher in media and cultural education.

Black Day is part of the research project schnitt # stellen – a cooperation of MediaLab, University Mozarteum Salzburg and artist group gold extra. Artists and high school students are working together on an equal basis on game projects exploring the interplay and synergy potentials of media art and everyday experiences in media culture.

schnitt # stellen was awarded the European Youth Culture Award 2019.

Funded by Land Salzburg and Stadt Salzburg

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