Media Literacy Award 2021 für Black Day

  • Media Literacy Award 2021
  • Online Award Ceremony
  • Excerpt from the trailer

After the Prix Ars Electronica Award U14, the students of the MS Lehen and the management team of the research project schnitt #stellen, Iwan Pasuchin, Sonja Prlic and Karl Zechenter, have now received the Media Literacy Award from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, science and research in the Media & Innovation category.

Jury statement:

Under the motto “We are all game experts”, the students, together with artists and the culture and media educator Iwan Pasuchin, have developed three mixed reality games and they can do something: They can entertain, spark the joy of playing and build tension. Together, the students worked out the ideas, aesthetics and production methods and designed the game.
The games are not only exciting and entertaining, they also show that the interfaces between supposedly objective realities can be fluid. In addition, the games reflect the social media use of young people and this is reflected in a diverse and emancipatory media approach.
The ambitious project, which fulfills many conditions with regard to critical media education and reflects many stages of media production, reveals a broad, participatory pedagogical approach. And so the worlds of media culture, youth culture and game culture mix in Black Day and result in an exciting and innovative mix. And the best thing is, the whole thing can be played in a fun way!