Documentary Escape Experience

Performance in cooperation with Kollektiv Kollinski sozial, Duet for actress and personal assistant
Interactive Documentary Environment, online performance in coopartion with ARGEkultur Salzburg and Bangkok International Performance Arts Meeting (BIPAM).
theaterachse and gold extra are cooperating in the creation of a hybrid, media performance on the subject of climate change
Rules of the city is an artistic research project and a pen & paper roleplaying game

Where do we feel strange and why? Is the unknown surprisingly much too close to the familar?

Starting Points: Documentary VR

A Robot Musical in co-produced by ARGEkultur, Open Mind Festival
Andrea Hofer, the story time of Tyrolian feminism, is a lecture performance by Martina Brandmayr and Karl Zechenter: Andrea Hofer, has she actually lived? And do Tyrolian marksmen and -women follow her? Experience yourself if the time is ripe for this female icon after 250 years waiting.