Until 4th of May: random? - the apparant, the arbitrary and the impossible. An exhibition at W&K

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An exhibition by Tobias Hammerle and Karl Zechenter

Exibition duration: 2 months.

“Petra has been in the Tasmanian timber industry for over 10 years.”  WoodSolutions, Australia, Nov.2013

“Mr. Subhash D. the manager of the Central Bank of India, (...) Branch. His son, Milakh D. is a renowned underworld betting agent. He uses his position to illegally transfer money to his relatives!”  Pradeep N., (...), Indien, Februar 2014

Confidential documents by the EU Commission, burglaries in India, pplication letters by opera singers from Dubai - how did all of this material reach us? How is it connected? Is it at all connected? The conscious or unconscious linking of the seemingly incoherent is an immanent feature of us human beings that has inspired us in art and science ever since.  

The photos, correspondences and documents, which are shown in "random?" have been sent to us during a period of 7 years. Fragments of that collection with exhibits from Malawi, Sudan, India, Australia, Canada, from Europe and many other parts of the world will be publicly presented for the first time. Which associations will they trigger? How did the collection come into existance? The audience is invited to reflect and speculate about possible and impossible connections of the exibition, and to record their assumptions in the  "speculation notes" (a sort of guest book), which will be available during the time of the exhibition. We invite you to sprightly jump into speculations.