Shoot Not Shoot - Exhibition at LikeLike / Pittsburgh

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March 3rd. 2018, LIKELIKE Gallery, Pittsburgh

"Shoot Not Shoot" is an exhibition of games that reinterpret the First Person Shooter. Rifles in the sky, painting by shooting, VR performance and live action roleplay: Six projects will be on display that tell of targeting others and even the crosshairs.

We present our Brechtian variant of the political shooter, the anti-war essay "The Fallen", in which we dealt with the situation in Eastern Ukraine. "The Fallen" was also part of the documentary projects in which we collaborated with the FH Hagenberg in the context of the research project "Documentary VR".

Curator of the exhibition "Shoot Not Shoot" is Paolo Pedercini, who has published several games under the name molleindustria,  such as the McDonald's Video Game, Oiligarchy or Phone Story, which radically and ironically deal with sociopolitical situations. LIKELIKE is a artistic space curated by Pedercini and presented to exhibitions of independent games and playable arts.


Pieces by:

gold extra /// Cassie McQuater & Jono Mi Lo /// Aram Bartholl /// Strangethink /// Akira Thompson /// SUPERHOT team

open between 18h und 22h during Unblurred gallery crawls.

LIKELIKE gallery
205 North Evaline St
Pittsburgh, PA