Presentation: Project Orte des Gedenkens (Places of Remembrance)

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Today in Neumarkt we are presenting - unfortunately not in public - our draft for the "Places of Remembrance" call for the State of Salzburg. In this project, memorial projects are to be implemented in the five Salzburg districts; the beginning will be in Flachgau, in Neumarkt a. Wallersee.

Here the historical reappraisal focuses on the situation around the deportation or expulsion of the Rinnerthaler family during the Nazi era. In our project we focus on an interactive platform as a common medium of expression and a year-round, moderated participatory process, the main objective of which is to combine historical facts with current questions of solidarity, moral courage and being included and excluded from communities.

Neumarkt a. Wallersee, ballroom of the HLW


Reinhold Bidner, Tobias Hammerle, Sonja Prlic, Karl Zechenter