Presentation at the symposium "So far and (no) further"

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Reinhold Bidner and Sonja Prlic will present gold extra's art works dealing with migration and escape and talk about the connection of political topics and digital media. They will also present their new digital artwork "Future Rearview", a journey through Salzburg, where he audience can discover layers of memories of Salzburg's citizens, who talk about the future and the past, of things that have been lost, forgotten or suppressed.


Bis dahin und (nicht) weiter. // So far and (no) further
Artistic-cultural reflexions 
of borders
Symposium // Friday November 25 2016 // 2 - 7:30pm // W&K Atelier, Bergstraße 12a, Salzburg



Presentation by Reinhold Bidner/Sonja PrlicBorders, flight and migration in gold extra's computer games (6:15pm)