Once Upon Unsteady Grounds at the Schubert Theater: Future Lab

  • Images of Mara Vivas and unrecognisable objects against a dark background. Once Upon Unsteady Grounds thumbnail.

On 3 February, gold extra was a guest at the Future Lab of the Schubert Theatre in Vienna. Together with Sebastian Linz from ARGEkultur Salzburg, Reinhold Bidner, Sophia Reiterer and Karl Zechenter discussed topics such as Once Upon Unsteady Grounds, art in digital space and the potential and difficulties of Mozilla Hubs. Funny anecdotes about server crashes or communication difficulties with guests were just as much a part of the discussion as thoughts about the future of art in the digital space. The conclusion was "We are at the beginning" - regardless of whether this concerns technologies, the organisation of cultural events in the digital space or the conception of digital artworks/works of art in the digital space. 

A summary of the discussion is available on YouTube (german).