Local Crisis Machine beim Film- und medienwissenschaftlichen Kolloquium FFK

  • Einarmiger Bandit mit der Aufschrift Local Crisis Machine, Frontalansicht
  • Einarmiger Bandit mit der Aufschrift Local Crisis Machine, seitliche Ansicht
  • Einarmiger Bandit auf einem müllübersäten und abgesperrten Platz, Menschen im Hintergrund. Eine Kranzange macht den Anschein, den einarmigen Bandit hochheben zu wollen.

Playing with the one-armed bandit is possible again: from March 30 to April 1 in Salzburg!

The Local Crisis Machine, developed by gold extra, will be exhibited at the Film and Media Studies Colloquium FFK in Salzburg.

When & where?

  • from March 30th to April 1st 2023
  • in the foyer of Wissenschaft & Kunst at Bergstraße 12.

Crisis stories from all over Europe can be played on a one-armed bandit.



About the Local Crisis Machine:

The crisis is ubiquitous: as crisis of the economy, the climate crisis, lack of values or political credibilty and crisis of each and every issue between milk gone sour and the state of Austrian football. gold extra puts the rule to the test: How does the elongated global economic crisis affect the individual?

The project „Local Crisis Machine“ lets a slot machine, a classic one-armed-bandit turn into a crisis intervention. The gambling machine becomes a discursive forum, a documentary project inviting us to play with the European debt crisis in 2013: The classic three cylinders of a rebuilt slot machine display European situations of very personal crisis management with contributions from Wales, Spain, Roumania, Germany and many more.

Local Crisis Machine is the Robert Jungk art project of the province of Salzburg 2013 for the celebration of the 100th birthday of Robert Jungk.

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