gold extra at the ZIP SCENE Conference in Prague!

  • Screenshot aus Once Upon Unsteady Grounds, Brücke und Kuppel
  • Person in einem kuppelförmigen, digitalen Gebilde. Dieselbe Person ist zweimal zu sehen.
  • Zip conference

gold extra is represented at this year's ZIP-SCENE conference in Prague with a talk on "Once Upon Unsteady Grounds". On 2 November at 15:50, Reinhold Bidner will give a presentation on how empathy can be created through interactive storytelling in the Docuscape Experience.

The lecture will explore how Once Upon Unsteady Grounds uses narrative techniques to engender empathy in its audience. In doing so, it will demonstrate how virtual spaces can be used to create meaningful and transformative experiences. The outcomes of this process contribute to a larger conversation about interactive art, immersive storytelling and the role of digital platforms in promoting cross-cultural understanding.


The ZIP-SCENE Conference is organized by Zip-Scene, Art*VR Festival and ARDIN – Association for Research in Digital Interactive Narratives and takes place from 2 until 4 November at the "DOX: Centre For Contemporary Art". 

This year's topic is "Dimensions of Empathy. How Empathy and the Concept of Ethics Changed between the Holodeck and the Metaverse?"