Award Ceremony U14 ARS ELECTRONICA 2020!

  • Sonja, Selen and Selina at the U19-Create Your World Exhibition

gold extra and pupils of NMS Lehen win the U14 Award of ARS ELECTRONICA 2020!


gold extra and pupils from the NMS Lehen (Creative Media Design) created the Mixed Reality Game "The Truth Part 2", a funny playable, collaborative piece of media art.

The Truth Part 2 won the main Award in the category U14 at the Ars Electronica, u19-create your world; the other being the main award for under 19 year-olds. The game leading in the murky depths of Shadow Town will be honoured in the Award ceremony at Johannes Kepler University, Linz, September, 12th. The ceremony is public but faces strict limitations due to Covid-19. It will be streamed on the website of ARS Electronica in the morning of Sptember 13th.
The project "The truth Part2" was produced in the framework of the basic scientific research project "schnitt#stellen" by artists/researchers Sonja Prlic, Iwan Pasuchin and Karl Zechenter, as a cooperation of gold extra and MediaLab University Mozarteum, supported by the government of the region of Salzburg, Land Salzburg.