AR Communities Workshop

  • image of litto and stone unicorn in mirabell garden
  • image of people sitting around conference table
  • image of people sitting around conference table
  • selfie of the five workshop participants in the mirabell garden

Does technology help or prevent the creation of utopias? How does web- and location-based augmented reality work? How can public space be designed in a participatory way and how can AR support this?

The AR Communities team Karl, Sophia and Sonja, together with Jascha and Litto from the Artificial Museum, addressed these and other questions in detail from 27 to 29 November. During the three-day workshop, they discussed technological details and creative possibilities in the field of AR and made plans for future projects. The aim is to research how AR can promote the design and realisation of utopias. They will also investigate whether there are differences between low-threshold and intensive participation opportunities. Ideas such as repurposing the Mirabell Gardens or a Mars colonisation starting from the Kinderstadt are just two ideas that can be used to get to the bottom of these questions.