Open Studio: Sefirot with Georg Hobmeier

  • Sefirot

Relaxing from the cruel digital existence, Georg Hobmeier is strolling through the analogue fields of game development. Having produced prototypes for board games as "BNKR" and "Hammer", he has now drifted towards the world of cards, divination and the occult. 

As an object for experimentation he uses the board game concept of Sefirot crossing Tarot with found objects of esoteric cabinets of bygone eras. Collaboarting with Causa Creations, Brian Main, Viv Tanner, Peter Diamond, Zsombor Svab and Eli Baum, he has created a diverse range of visual as well as ludo-mechanic prototypes. Georg will demonstrate the material in a relaxed, analogue atmosphere, slightly haunted by candle-light.